Single Phase All in One Submersible Panel


  • Fully Automatic
  • Inbuilt Water Level Controller
  • Overload & Dryrun Protection
  • Cyclic Timer
  • Digital Display

DIgital Submersible Panel

All in One submersible Panel means All functionality within a Panel. That includes the protection and automation in a single panel. To operate the submersible pump over a long period of time, we need to have a good quality all in one submersible panel or a Digital auto switch so that panel can provide protection to the motor.

All in one submersible panel has an inbuilt water level controller. To use the submersible pump for a long time without maintenance, an all in one submersible panel is necessary. This will increase the efficiency of the motor.

digital display with auto switch cyclic timer for submersible pump no maintenance in submersible pump automatic submersible pump

How does Vukar All in One Submersible Panel work?

Fully Automatic Operation

This panel doesn’t need to operate like a regular submersible panel. This panel is a fully automatic panel and provides 7 protections to the motor.

Why should I choose Vukar All in One Submersible Panel?

easy installation auto switch microprocessing technology digital auto switch overload & dry run protection for submersible pump

Sensor Fault Finding Capability:

Water level controller displays the fault if it detects the fault in the sensor wiring or the sensor itself.

Easy to Use

As the Water level controller works in a fully automatic mode, it does not require to operate manually. 

Corrosion Free Sensor:

Magnetic sensor is used with Vukar water level controller. This is a 100% corrosion free 

7 Protection:

Vukar all in one submersible panel provides 7 types of protection. This helps to save the maintenance cost & time.

No Maintenance:

4 inbuilt protections ensure your motor runs for a longer period of time without maintenance.

Cyclic Timer:

All in one submersible panel has an inbuilt cyclic timer. This timer will turn the motor automatically on & off as per the timer.

For example, if you need to turn on the motor for 20 minutes after every 2 hours or if you need to turn on the motor for 10 minutes after every 3 hours, this cyclic timer is used. 

Digital Microprocessing Technology

Latest technology is used in the Vukar all in one submersible panel. It will increase the efficiency of the motor.

Digital Display

Digital display is used to display the voltage of the supply line and the ampere of the submersible pump.

Fault Display:

If there is an overvoltage or undervoltage, the motor will turn off automatically & protects the motor from voltage fluctuations. During the summer, sometimes water level goes below. Motor will turn off automatically. This feature provides the protection in dryrun condition.

Dual Display:

Voltage & ampere information displays in the separate Display so that the user can read all the information at the same time. 

Feather Touch Switch:

Feather touch switch is used for the setting of the parameter. This switch is used for robust applications.

Password Protection:

Users can set the parameter using the password only. So that only authorised person can modify the setting. 



How to install a Digital Submersible Panel?

We have uploaded a separate video for the installation. You can find the installation video here.

Does this Digital Submersible Panel include an inbuilt Water Level Controller?

Yes, This All in One Submersible panel has an inbuilt water level controller.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping with a Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

I forgot to turn off the motor. Does this Digital Submersible Panel solve this problem?

Yes, this All in One submersible panel is designed to solve this problem. Motor will turn off automatically when tank is full.

Digital Submersible Panels don’t work for my location.

Heavy quality transformer coil is used in Vukar Digital Panel. This will ensure to run your panel without any fault.

Is it difficult to set the parameter in All in One Submersible Panel?

Only a single switch needs to be pressed during the installation time only. No other setting is required.

What is the maintenance cost for this panel?

We offer a Guarantee for 12 months. After 12 months, this panel can be repaired by spare parts that cost approx 50-300 INR.

Do you offer any Guarantee?

We offer a 12 months Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we offer customization for the bulk order.

Technical Specifications:

Single Phase:

Input (To Power Supply): P, N (230V AC, 50 HZ)

Output (To Motor): R, Y, B

Run Capacitor:

1 HP: 50 MFD

0.5/0.75 HP: 36 MFD

Start Capacitor (only for Borewell motor):

0.5/0.75 HP/1 HP: 80-100 MFD

Additional information

HP Rating

0.5 HP – Openwell, 0.75 HP – Openwell, 1 HP – Openwell, 1.5 HP – Openwell, 2 HP – Openwell, 0.5 HP – Borewell, 0.75 HP – Borewell, 1 HP – Borewell


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